Mar 3 12

Just playing :)

Mar 3 12

Portrait photos

Feb 29 12

Photography Module

We’ve started a new module, about Photography this time, and we have the luck to have Richard Gilligan for 4 weeks. What an opportunity! I love this system of getting teachers from outside, from the real world whom we can ask about how they work and their experiences.

I love photography and I’ve decided to take out my camera and to start carrying it around not just saying I will… :)


Feb 25 12

DVD booklet, box and DVD layout

I’ve created booklets with pop-up letters for each DVD and a box for the 9 DVD cases as well.

Feb 20 12

DVD wraps

After designing the name and the logo for the new type foundry, I’ve carefully chosen 9 colours which I intended to use on the DVD covers.

I have learned so much about typography and how to set type, paragraph etc. We had Conor Nolan with us from Conor & David who helped us throughout the project.

My DVD cover designs:


Feb 14 12

Logo for Irish Type Foundry

After creating several different logo versions for the new Irish type foundry I  decided to use a simple one. The name I have chosen is: Type Corner.

The logo is based on isometric grid:


Feb 8 12

Identity for a Type Foundy – Research

We are asked to provide an identity for a new Irish type foundry which has secured the rights to license several classic and well-known typefaces, including: Garamond, Goudy Old Style, Century Schoolbook, Bodoni, Stymie, Akzidenz Grotesk, Gill Sans, Futura and Frutiger.

We have to create a name and the design for the new foundry, the design of a logo and packaging for the new fonts. The packaging has to include the DVD “wraps” and a “package format” for the download versions of the fonts.

I started this project with researching the 9 typefaces and playing with different arrangements:

Feb 3 12

Hand lettering

The fifth module in our second year at Visual Communication started with a short hand lettering exercise.

We had to choose different words and create unique typographical solutions:

Jan 30 12

Image Making – Symbols, Icons, Logos

We got different TV programme titles from which we had to choose 3 and create a symbol/icon for each.

Jan 20 12

Image Making – Symbols, Icons

Stephen Ledwidge was with us this week to guide us with our new project: creating 3 symbols/icons from the given categories.

My solutions: