Apr 24 12

Kerry Blue Terrier – the paper dog

Apr 20 12

Magazine Article

During the previous modul we created product and portrait photographs (our teacher was Richard Gilligan) about a chosen artist plus an interview with her. In this module we researched different layouts in magazines then we had to choose an appropriate one for our artist. Our teacher was Alan Davis from who we learned a lot about typography, grids and layouts.

At the end I chose Icon magazine, and made several spreads about my chosen artist:

Apr 7 12

Bray Head

Mar 25 12

Botanic Garden

Mar 23 12

Portrait Photography

As part of the portrait photography I went out to photograph Maria during her gig:

Mar 21 12

Portrait Photography

After the product photography, we had to photograph the artist herself and interview her about her work and her chosen department.

Mar 16 12

Product Photography

The first part of this project was to choose an artist within the school and photograph her/his work. We worked in pairs so we had to decide who we will choose. We asked Maria Parsons at the metal department whose work photographed by me:

Mar 12 12

Alternative Faces

When your courage to ask people for a portrait photo runs out:

Mar 8 12

Faces around School

“Can I take a photo of you?”  just to get to know the Canon 50mm f1.4 IS USM lens.

Mar 4 12

Around St. Stephen’s Green

Today was a nice sunny but cold day, so we went out to take some photos: