NCAD brief – Underneaths

For the last part of the brief (Section C – Invention and Problem Solving) I recorded four underneaths which are not normally seen.

Tha NCAD brief says: This task presents you with problem solving challenges. Your work can be carried out in two or three dimensions, or it can be a combination of 2D and 3D processes and /or moving images.
Invent / demonstrate or illustrate AT LEAST TWO of the following:
A – Unexpected ways to divide a room
B – Design items of clothing that a vehicle could wear
C – Record four underneaths not normally seen
D – Show what half-destroyed means
E – Put wings on it…
F – Record through drawing three different places where lines cross
G – Make a map of your face
H – Make a sandwich (edible or not)
I – Make two tools out of found materials
Work can be done in any form or combination of drawing, collage, models and/or various media.
Presentation should be in the form of ideas worksheets showing developments from initial stages. Relevant and informative photographs of any 3D work should be included on the worksheets. Produce two worksheets for each task.
Total required work for Section C: 2 Worksheets per task

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