NCAD brief – Mind maps

I had to make 4 “mind-maps” one for each of the themes: Memories, Habitats, Mechanism and Food. First I made a visual list of as many different examples as possible for each of the themes (“Brainstorming”). Then I used colour pencil to draw the items.
The NCAD brief description about a “mind-map”: A mind-map is a way to show, in visual form, the relationships between different ideas. To make your mind maps as visually interesting as possible, try to integrate a mixture of words and images. Identify as many unusual and interesting examples as possible (e.g. Is coal a kind of food for a furnace? Is petrol a drink for a car? Is your eyelid a mechanism? Is a footprint a memory? Is the bottom of your bag a habitat?) Your mind maps should be thorough and comprehensive, as other parts of the brief are based on their contents. Things identified in your mind-maps are called items.

Required: One sheet for each mind-map.
Total: 4 Sheets

My 4 mind-maps (Section A – Observation in the NCAD brief):


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